RT Thermal Studies

The introduction of new energy efficiency standards will increase the cost of house construction by up to 20% say experts.

The Réglementation Thermique 2012 (RT 2012) sets the new minimum standard of thermal insulation of dwellings and other types of construction in France.

It is applicable to all new planning applications submitted for non-residential buildings from Oct 2011 and for all new residential properties from January 2013.

All applications to extend dwellings, build new ones and convert other buildings in to habitation now require an attestation under RT2012 to be part of the permis de construire application.

Depending on the features of each project we offer a tiered service to specify the works materials ( if you cannot for whatever reason ) create the study and produce the necessary attestations particular to your project.

Please contact us to talk over your particular requirements.

Although a complex set of standards, broadly speaking, the regulations require that all new dwellings must have an energy consummation level less than 50 kWh/m2 per year, although varied by locality and altitude within the range 40kWh/m2 to 65kWh/m2.