Soil Tests

Anyone who needs to renew or install an individual foul drainage system in France must submit a dossier to the drainage authorities to gain permission to do so.

The dossier consists of:

  • Application form ( different for each SPANC area ), suitably completed and signed by the property owner.
  • Results of the site soil tests.
  • Results of percolation tests or estimation of infiltration capacity of the soil.
  • Diagrams illustrating soil structure.
  • Design of filter system if relevant, or installation manual for chosen micro station.
  • Location of property.
  • Extract from the Cadastre detailing boundaries.
  • Plan de masse detailing installation and how it is accommodated in the site layout.
  • Section through the system detailing the interconnecting levels of all parts of the installation and flow gradients of waste water etc.
  • Details of the property and proprietor.
  • Details of maintenance requirements and commitments.
  • Tracing existing drainage installations

In order to create this document one must take account of site soil conditions, the amount of space available and client requirements.

Armor Environnement ( part of BOWMAN EIRL ) carry out this task for individual dwellings to camp sites and gite complexes throughout Brittany and lower Normandy.